Replenish – Leading From a Healthy Soul

My job and calling is to give care to care givers. So it’s a little strange when someone gives care to me. In some ways, its like a doctor going to the doctor or a personal trainer getting personal training. And there aren’t many people who do what we do at SOULeader, so to spend time with one is really a blessing.

Last week Darlene and I got to spend two days with Lance & Connie Witt of Replenish Ministries. I first met Lance in 2008, shortly after he had left Saddleback Church as executive and teaching pastor. I remember then thinking that he had definitely been “in the trenches” of ministry in a way that would provide ample stories, experiences, and empathy for those in ministry who are just hanging on by their teeth.

Lance has taken his years of experience and written them into a book by the same title as his ministry. This book is an excellent primer for “leading from a healthy soul.” Each chapter is only a few pages and concludes with several questions for reflection and discussion. Pastoring for almost thirty years has helped me see that he has hit on so many¬†of the top issues that cause leaders to burn out or give up on ministry. And while this can seem a bit depressing, the second half of the book provides practices to repair and refill what has been drained out of the leader’s life. The book concludes with several bonus chapters on “building healthy teams.” For me personally, the chapter called “Shock Absorbers for the Soul” was worth the price of the book!

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Michael Bischof & Lance Witt

But what I love most about Lance and Connie is that they are real – a sometimes rare commodity in megachurch leaders. And while you can both hear and feel the growth over the past decade, there is no sense of having “arrived” or “figuring it all out.” Just a humble passion of one beggar telling¬†another beggar where to find bread. If you want some bread and water to replenish your overworked and distracted soul, get a copy of Lance’s book and spend the next several months slowly reflecting on the concepts and questions you’ll find there.



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