SOULeader Resources provides sure access to the riches of Kingdom living with Jesus alive here and now. They minister effectively to the inner life of the leader, where the need truly lies, and provide a foundation for public ministry from a solid foundation of joy and insight. Michael Bischof is a thorough scholar of scripture and the church, and he knows by experience what he is talking about.
Dallas Willard (1935-2013)
Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California

“Michael Bischof and SOULeader Resources take seriously the emotional hazards of ministry and the holistic health of the minister’s family. Their goal is to help you to avoid compartmentalizing the parts of your being and your life. They know that caring for yourself is not a luxury, but a necessity. Their team is well versed in and addresses the most important issues leaders face today – such as stress, anxiety, burn-out, and depression. This is a great ministry that is desperately needed in these days.”
Archibald Hart
Senior Professor of Psychology and Dean Emeritus, Graduate School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

Michael brings a Mosaic Journey to the ministry table. He has experienced and learned grace in that journey which has fueled his love for Christ and Christ’s Church. He is bright, insightful, and passionate. He is both creative and administrative ~ an unusual combination which serves both the existing church in search of renewal and the newer church in search of rails to run on. The same is true with his heart for fellow travelers in ministry. He brings a fine blend of compassion, directness and practicality to those conversations and consultations.
Dennis N. Baker
Consultant and former National Director of CBAmerica

Michael is the rare real deal. He understands human nature, churches and contemporary culture. He is not out to make a name for himself, he is out to make you into whatever ‘name’ God has called you to be. Michael knows that the stumbling blocks to a fulfilled calling are holistic; that they are internal and external, personal and organizational, theological and rooted in a unique ministry setting. In short, there is plenty of information easily found today; wisdom is much harder to find. SOULeader provides real wisdom for moving forward in healthy ministry.
Todd Hunter
Anglican Bishop and founding Director of Churches for the Sake of Others

Ministry is a high calling and a hard vocation. It demands all a person can bring, including personal integrity, emotional wholeness, shrewd discernment, the willingness to work long hours for little pay, and a willingness to empower others while not worrying about personal credit. Michael Bischof knows all this first hand. And he has seen the toll ministry takes on men and women. SOULeader Resources is his attempt to assist those in ministry to stay whole in the midst of this demanding calling. Dr. Bischof brings experience, wisdom, and solid research to the multi-fold task of serving those in ministry. His too is a high and demanding calling.
Richard Peace
Robert Boyd Munger Professor of Evangelism and Spiritual Formation
Fuller Theological Seminary

Michael is a wise, thoughtful navigator of these strange, new waters in which we find ourselves as church leaders. The spiritual wisdom Michael brings is connected with a deep understanding of how to go about creating processes of transformation in the church. Michael is a friend and partner in this journey. We at The Missional Network count Michael as one of our friends.
Alan Roxburgh
Author, Teacher, & Consultant
The Missional Network

I have known Michael Bischof for many years. Michael is a man of integrity and character, the kind of person who can be trusted with the deeper, more personal challenges that arise in the course of ministry. The holistic approach to supporting leaders that Michael takes is at the same time rare and much-needed. Leaders and organizations who choose to work with Michael Bischof will greatly benefit from the experience. I enthusiastically recommend SOULeader Resources.
Bob Logan
President & Founder
Logan Leadership

Michael Bischof and the SOULeader team have thoughtfully crafted one of the most innovative, holistic, and comprehensive models of ministry leadership formation that I have ever seen. Michael possesses a rare blend of pastoral wisdom, leadership coaching, spiritual direction, and wellness coaching. I give SOULeader my highest recommendation for all pastors and ministry leaders (and their spouses) who are interested in deep, lasting, and life-changing formation.
Chris Adams, PhD
Director of the Center for Vocational Ministry
Azusa Pacific University

Michael is one of ‘Gods generous and good gifts’ not only to me, but also to the Church of Jesus Christ at large. SOULeader Resources is an expression of that generous and good gift from God. God bless you Michael! May your tribe increase.
Frank Green
Charis Foundation

Journeying with our staff through SOULeader’s material on holistic formation has helped move us toward a place of genuine authenticity, developing greater respect for and understanding of one another. This process has been a catalyst that God has used to grow us.
Larry Knutsen
Lead Executive Pastor
Seaside Community Church

Young aspiring leaders are often challenged by emotional, spiritual, and relational brokenness coupled with a myriad of confusing ministry models. This work has provided a broader vision for the incredible challenges of developing holisitcally in a broken and confusing world. It is no longer enough to train kingdom leaders theologically and vocationally, but holistically for kingdom growth and impact in every aspect of life. This work has provided the vision and framework to encounter God with all of life.
Chris Williams
Former Director of Campus Ministries & Spiritual Formation
Hope International University


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