After spending almost 20 years in church ministry, para-church organizations, and working with Christian leaders, Michael Bischof was inspired with a passion to provide something for leaders that was conspicuously absent.

As a pastor, Michael observed that many pastors were lonely, frustrated, disconnected from God, and struggling to remain with vitality and hope in the ministries they once believe God had called them to. As Executive Director of a Christian Foundation, Michael had watched dozens of churches struggle due to lack of healthy, balanced leaders. As a church planter, Michael learned the difficulties of starting new ministries in the midst of a consumer-oriented culture and how few church planting pastors have good support systems. As a result of these journeys, in June 2000, SOULeader Resources was started as a catalyst to nurture the souls and formation of Christian leaders.

While many books, seminars, conferences, and programs are currently available for people in ministry . . . pastors and leaders remain isolated, disconnected from others, and struggle with achieving enough personal formation in their lives that they have something of substance to pass on to others.

The SOULeader ministry team are “pastors to pastors” who can come alongside those who are in the trenches for support, care, nurture, and resources.

In 2004, Michael Bischof completed a Doctor of Ministry degree at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California in which he spent two years researching and writing on the holistic formation of pastors and Christian leaders at the beginning of the 21st century. Since that time, SOULeader has been prototyping this approach with church staff teams and pastors. These studies and experiences provide a foundation for the way the SOULeader Ministry Team mentors and equips spiritual leaders.

Currently, this research is being developed into interactive, transferable materials that can be used with leaders in relationally-based networks, as well as made available to churches for further use in discipleship, formation, and leadership development.

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