Care & Intervention

Many leaders, churches, or organizations don’t know where to turn when the dark side of ministry rears its head. SOULeader can come alongside and provide helpful guidance and care during these difficult times as well as those times when you’re reaching out to expand the influence of your care.

Conflict Resolution & Crisis Intervention
Every church and organization experiences conflict and crisis at one time or another. The question is how to navigate it so that you come out healthier. We will walk with you through a process that will help you to see all of the issues and resolve rather than bury them.

Intentional Interim Pastorates
Several members of the SOULeader Ministry Team have been trained by Titus Task Force International to conduct intentional interim pastorates for churches who need to address serious issues before calling a new pastor. If your church is going through a crisis, is without a pastor, or you know you need to deal with issues, this is a service you seriously need to consider.
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