Support Groups

SOULeader both starts and networks with existing “support groups” for pastors and those in full or part-time ministry positions, as well as groups for pastor’s wives. Since these groups can change without notice, please contact the person listed under each one prior to attending.



North Orange County (Orange)
2nd Thursday, 8am-10am
Contact: Bob Gutterman
(714) 530-7441

South Orange County (Laguna Hills)
2nd Thursday, 12pm-2pm (bring a lunch)
Contact: Ken Krikac
(949) 306-7133

San Gabriel Valley (San Dimas)
1st Monday, 9am-11am
Contact: Casey Cox
(909) 731-8300

San Gabriel Valley (Claremont/Upland/Rancho Cucamonga)
4th Thursday, 10am-11:30am
Contact: Casey Cox
(909) 731-8300


Contact Darlene Bischof for details and locations
(949) 633-6038


Central Orange County – 4th Thursdays @9:30am

South Orange County – 2nd Thursdays @ 9:30am

South/Central Orange County – 4th Monday @ 7:00pm

North Orange County – 2nd Thursdays @ 5:30pm

San Gabriel Valley – 3rd Tuesdays @ 7:00pm


NEW! Souleader’s first “Leaders of the Home” support group is debuting in January. All mothers are invited to participate in this monthly group held in La Habra from 7:00-9:00pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Please contact Anjee at (714) 624-9993 for details. This group will focus predominately on the mother culture, and will look different than a parenting/MOPS style group. God is more interested in who you are becoming than what you are doing. Because who you are is the most important tool God uses in building His Kingdom, it is wise to remember that you are a person before you are a mother. We will therefore be traveling together through the six areas of formation as they take you from fragmentation to fullness to flourishing and subsequently spill over into your role as a leader within your family.



Fullerton (
4th Thursdays @ 10:30am
Contact: Jason Phillips
(714) 624-3033

San Dimas
3rd Thursdays @ 7:00am
Contact: Casey Cox
(909) 731-8300


Let us know if you would like to see a new group stared in your area.

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