The Problem

According to Surveys of Pastors . . .

  • 90% felt they were not adequately trained to cope with the ministry demands placed upon them.
  • 80% believe that pastoral ministry is affecting their families negatively.
  • 75% have reported a significant crisis due to stress at least once every five years in their ministry.
  • 70% do not have someone they would consider a close friend.
  • 70% have a lower self-image after they’ve pastored than when they started.
  • 60% of pastors feel pastoring has taken away their passion for Christ.
  • 50% felt unable to meet the needs of the job.
  • 37% have been involved in inappropriate sexual behavior with someone in the church.
  • 33% say, “Being in ministry is clearly a hazard to my family.”
  • Only 1 in 20 Protestant clergy view their spiritual life as the most critical factor in their ministry.
  • 3 out of 5 pastors burn out before their 10th year of ministry.
  • Over 1000 pastors leave ministry every month.
  • Barely 25% of Christian leaders finish well.

Sources: The Fuller Institute of Church Growth; Barna Research; C. Peter Wagner

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