SOULeader provides processes for leaders who know that you can’t give away what you don’t have and desire a foundation of personal and ministry wholeness. We provide the following training and experiential learning for pastors, staff teams, lay leaders, denominations, missions organizations and para-church organizations.

SouLiving™ Workshop (1-day)
A 1-day or partial day introductory workshop that introduces the basic concepts and importance of holistic formation, and how to begin implementing these concepts in your life and ministry. A place to start!

SouLeadership™ Formation Immersion (3-day)
A 3-day or weekend in-depth training experience which provides time to work on the whole person and all areas of formation. A great way to integrate holistic formation with your leadership development process.

SouLinking™ Regional Networks (monthly)
SOULeader hosts regional pastors’ support groups, as well as trains denominations and facilitators to create regional networks and provide material for pastors to share their lives and struggles with other leaders in safe environments designed for personal, family, and ministry health.

SouLearning™ Cohort Process (long-term)
Comprised of cohort groups who participate in multiple retreats over an extended period of time. We address all aspects of holistic formation with the benefit of being able to work on learnings in between retreats. This is ideal for denominations who want their pastors to journey together.

Holistic Team Formation (intensive)
We work individually with staff and leadership teams to address issues of health and formation within a church, ministry, organization, or denomination. This is a favorite with churches because of a team’s ability to process change and growth much better over an extended period of time.

Customized Retreats
Weekend or multiple-day retreats that are customized to the issues and needs of your organization. We will work with you in creating a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Guest Speaking
Some members of the SOULeader team are available for preaching in church services, teaching in conferences, retreat settings, and other special events.

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